Foundation Sylvain Augier was created in November 2006 by Sylvain Augier and Christophe Debien. It was then quickly recognized as a public utility under the auspices of the Heritage Foundation. It's main purpose is the preservation of scenic beauty. Foundation Sylvain Augier raises awareness, socio-economic actors and public authorities on the major issues of respecting the rehabilitation and preservation of beauty of our landscapes, which is our natural and built heritage.

The sentence of Antoine de Saint-Exupery illustrates the philosophy of Foundation Sylvain Augier : "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our heirs" . The notion of landscape characteristics on a visible is associated with the interaction of the environment and economic development. A territory 's landscape is the result of successive occupations of land by man. It serves as a link to our history and thus it is important to preserve the core values. It is also a reflection of our way of life, and as such, can be considered of public interest. Each of our collective decisions can lead to a direct impact on our landscapes, and it is therefore essential to raise awareness institutions, businesses, and citizens.

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